• 100K Leads and Counting!
    Marketing champions GoodLife Fitness have revolutionized lead capture with Tapquire's proprietary lead to club matching technology!
  • 46% More Acquisitions!
    3600 intercepts in 3 days with just 6 tablets and 5 enthusiastic brand ambassadors doubled Golf Town's acquisitions from the previous year.
  • Fast & Accurate Data
    Custom keyboards, shortcuts, intelligent field validation and postal code lookup make intercepts faster and data cleaner.
  • Sponsor Surveys & Opt-Ins
    Increase the return on investment of sponsorship by conducting consumer surveys with opt-ins
  • Scan QR Code Badges
    Scanning QR code badges adds innovation and engagement to registration, contesting and experiential campaigns.
  • 10x More Survey Responses!
    Over 300 customer feedback surveys in 7 days with each survey taking less time than receiving a fast food order!

Find out how we can help your business acquire new customers and insight anytime, anywhere!


    Call it customer acquisition, lead capture or intercept marketing, we help brands acquire more high quality customers!

    Using kiosks or handheld tablets, we help acquire on-site feedback directly from customers while the experience is still fresh and relevant!

    Just tell us what you need to know and we’ll launch an in-field market research program to get you exactly the data you need!

Case Studies

  • As a brand, we strive for nothing but the best in all aspects of customer experience and only select partners that can deliver at this level. The Tapquire team has helped us maximize our data collection and look good while doing it.
    Marketing Manager, Deeley  Harley-Davidson® Canada
  • I'm a huge fan of the technology. When I saw it for the first time, I was was so excited and could only wonder why I hadn't seen it sooner!
    Marketing Manager,
    GoodLife Fitness
  • We were super impressed and had over 80% of consumers opt in. These are some of the highest numbers we have ever seen!
    VP of Sponsorship Sales,
    Diamond Integrated Marketing
  • Tapquire helped collect consumer insights from over 600+ customers throughout two major national programs for Aveeno. Their professionalism and expert knowledge was second to none and served as a great resource and valued partner.
    Manager, Rouge Media Group