Goodlife Fitness Case Study – Customer Acquisition



GoodLife Fitness is the largest fitness company in Canada with almost 300 clubs from coast-to-coast. With over 877,000 members, GoodLife helps transform the health and wellness of 1 out of 39 Canadians every day. In order to increase membership, GoodLife Fitness engages consumers at hundreds of events across the country each year.

Strategic Challenge

Increase the quantity and quality of leads captured at events while increasing customer satisfaction and conversion rates.


GoodLife Fitness was using paper lead forms to collect contact information from consumers at events. These forms were manually sorted and delivered to clubs for follow up. Major pain points with paper lead forms included:

  • Excessive time required for writing forms by hand
  • Loss of leads due to lost, incomplete or illegible forms
  • Manual sorting of forms and delivery to clubs for follow up
  • No visibility into rep performance until the end of even





Tapquire delivered a customer acquisition solution that leveraged mobile tablets for intercepting consumers at  events. Highlights included:

  • Fast and accurate data capture
  • Real-time access to lead data, analytics and trends
  • Feedback survey built in for existing members
  • Email with unique content for non members and members sent instantly
  • Leads automatically matched to the club closest to their home with men being excluded from women only clubs
  • Lead data automatically sent to clubs for follow up with event name and fitness goals to make conversation relevant
  • Rep performance report sent to managers throughout the day





GoodLife has seen a phenomenal 80% increase in lead generation and a 20% increase in conversions. In addition, customer satisfaction has been increased by reducing follow up times from weeks to days and making improvements based on results from the member feedback survey. Currently, GoodLife Fitness has intercepted over 100,000 consumers at events using Tapquire.