Harley-Davidson Delivers 1st Round Knockout at UFC TUF Nations Finale in Quebec City

Harley-Davidson rode into Quebec City on April 16th to attend the TUF Nations Finale not only to see some of the best fighters in the world duke it out, but to also capture data from some of the most diehard UFC fans in the world. As one of UFC’s biggest sponsors, Harley-Davidson engaged fans in an effort to learn about their interest in motorcycles. In between the knockouts and the tap outs, fans lined up to fill out a survey for a chance to win a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.








The survey was available in both English and in French, and fans that opted in received a follow up email from Harley-Davidson instantly after tapping submit.

International Home & Garden Show Engages Tapquire to Survey Consumers

The International Home & Garden show in Toronto at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre was a tremendous success. It featured over three acres of amazing home & garden shopping with expert advice from over 400 exhibitors! The Celebrity Superhouse Theatre, Celebrity Garden Theatre, and The Helping You Grow Theatre were packed with blooming ideas, insightful designers and seasoned gardening gurus who provided their wealth of knowledge and experiences through their educational seminars and demonstrations.

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The organizers of the International Home & Garden Show as well as comFree, a real estate company who was one of the major sponsors of the event decided to engage Tapquire to survey consumers that attended the event. While the horticultural enthusiasts were looking around for tips and tricks to help them improve the layout of their gardens, kiosks were set up in high traffic areas to grab their attention. This proved to be highly successful as over a high volume of attendees stopped by to complete the short survey.

TaylorMade Hits a Hole in One With Customer-Centric Market Research

Golfers are very particular about how to approach the game. Their golf clubs have to be the perfect weight, their gloves can’t be too tight or too loose, and their golf shirts and khakis have to be wrinkle free. If golfers approach the tee not feeling comfortable, their game will be way off. There is no better way to get information from golfers about the equipment they use and their personal preferences than to ask them directly.

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TaylorMade-Adidas Golf Company (TaylorMade) is a manufacturer of golf clubs, bags and accessories based in Carlsbad, California, United States. It is a subsidiary of the German company Adidas Group. Although golfers are known to be extremely patient individuals on the green, on the street that may not necessarily be the case. TaylorMade leveraged Tapquire’s ability to create offline tablet-based surveys so they could approach golfers and ask them to answer a few questions directly on an iPad quickly and efficiently. Within seconds TaylorMade was able to capture information from current and prospective customers about their golfing experience.

Exit Surveys Made Easy at the You’re Next Startup Expo in Toronto

The Startup Career Expo took place on February 25th, 2014 in Toronto at the MaRS Discovery District. Students flooded the establishment and mingled with some of the most successful startup companies in hopes of finding exciting opportunities in the growing startup community. There were over 80 startups present at the Startup Career Expo from across Canada.









Organizers of the You’re Next Startup Expo in Toronto leveraged our mobile tablet technology to create exit surveys for attendees to complete while leaving the event. Knowing that their audience was mostly tech savvy students, the organizers understood that using pen and paper would have yielded a poor response rate. The survey that Tapquire provided helped gather more responses than they needed to analyze the attendee feedback.

Harley-Davidson Zoomed into The Motorcycle Show in Toronto!

Harley-Davidson and Tapquire teamed up once again at Canada’s largest motorcycle show in Toronto. Nice weather, hot rides, and a jam-packed schedule of entertainment drew 29,539 enthusiasts out to the three-day event, up 5% from the previous year.

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“The Motorcycle Show-Toronto was a great success this year. From start to finish, exhibitors enjoyed favourable move-in facilities, strong crowds all three days and a bright fresh new look to the show,” said Show Manager Neil Fardy. “We had nothing but positive comments from exhibitors and visitors who enjoyed the amazing performances and the incredible showcase of top bikes, ATVs and scooters for 2014.”

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20140222_Moto Show_5253

Collecting contact information from attendees is of the utmost importance at any event. If someone attends an event, it means they are likely interested in what you have to offer and would want to learn more. Harley-Davidson leveraged this crowd of motorcycle enthusiasts by designing a cool and interactive contest entry application using our mobile tablet technology and sleek kiosks.

The HealthCare Of Ontario Pension Plan and Tapquire Join Forces at HealthAchieve 2013

The signature conference and exhibition of the Ontario Hospital Association for almost 90 years, HealthAchieve has long been one of the largest and most respected healthcare events in North America.

The number one thing to do while you are at HealthAchieve is to visit the exhibit floor because it is packed with exciting innovations. You will get access to cutting-edge technology, where organizations around the world will showcase exciting new products and services that are driving the healthcare industry forward.



The HealthCare Of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP) was one of the exhibitors at HealthAchieve 2013 and with Tapquire’s help, HOOPP was able to connect with event attendees by encouraging booth visitors to interact with tablet kiosks to get a better understanding of what HOOPP is all about. This proved to be a huge success as attendees flooded their booth and were easily able to engage with just a few simple taps.

Friday the 13th in Port Dover is a Lucky Day for Harley-Davidson

Believe it or not, Friday the 13th was a fun filled, exciting and optimistic day in Port Dover, Ontario!  Every Friday the 13th, tens of thousands of motorcycles and motorcycle enthusiasts gather in Port Dover for a Friday the 13th tradition that is more than 30 years old!  In addition to motorcycles, the event brings the best in food, beer tents and live bands!

This event was the perfect place for Harley-Davidson to showcase their recently launched 2014 motorcycle line up dubbed Project Rushmore! As thousands of riders and their guests came to check out the bikes, Harley Davidson leveraged Tapquire’s tablet technology to engage enthusiasts by entering them into a contest while gathering valuable market research data.





Tapquire helped Harley-Davidson interact with event attendees in a way that was fun and enjoyable for everybody involved!  At the same time, Tapquire helped retrieve valuable information that will prove to be beneficial in their marketing initiatives going forward.

Address Look-Up Using Postal Code Helps Harley-Davidson Capture Lead Data Faster

Western Canada’s best attended charity event, The Langley Good Times Cruise-In took place on September 7th in Langley, British Columbia. The “Cruise – In” has become one of the largest mixed car shows in Canada and one of the Top 10 in North America according to Dennis Gage of My Classic Car. Thousands gathered to get a glimpse of Harley-Davidson’s 2014 motorcycle line-up which was a perfect opportunity for Harley Davidson to get a better understanding of its target market.

Tapquire provided Harley Davidson with mobile tablet kiosks and enthusiastic staff to help acquire new customers and market research. Those in attendance at the event were entered into a contest to win $500 by filling out an interactive survey.










Let’s be honest here, most people dislike filling out surveys, especially if its time consuming. So how was Harley-Davidson so successful at capturing leads? Simple, they engaged Tapquire to deliver a consumer interaction that was user friendly, engaging and efficient. Our address look-up feature automatically pre-populates province, city, and street name based on the postal code entered by the user.









The address look-up is extremely convenient and a huge time saver.  Check out this video to see the address look-up in action!

Tapquire for Branded Sponsor Surveys

We are delighted to be the official data collection partner for Marketing Magazine’s exclusive Data Driven Marketing Conference, being held today at the Intercontinental Hotel in downtown Toronto.

Speakers include some of the most influential tech and marketing industry experts from organizations around the world, including Google, SAP, Columbia Business School and Proximity North America. Attendees are a targeted group of senior level professionals in marketing, advertising, media and PR.

Up for discussion are topics on using insights from data analytics, how to collect more actionable data and how to leverage data already collected.

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Speakers include some of the most influential tech and marketing industry experts from organizations around the world, including Google, SAP, Columbia Business School and Proximity North America. Attendees are a targeted group of senior level professionals in marketing, advertising, media and PR.

Up for discussion are topics on using insights from data analytics, how to collect more actionable data and how to leverage data already collected.

At this prestigious conference, Tapquire is conducting a sponsor survey containing 2 questions from each sponsor. Tapquire’ s proprietary tablet survey software is housed in branded kiosks placed within the conference ballroom, and as always collected responses are available in real-time!

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