Ontario Tourism Case Study – Market Research



The Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership (OTMPC) is a government agency that partners with Ontario tourism operators to showcase Ontario as a four-season must-see travel destination at home and internationally. The OTMPC recognized the large immigrant population in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) as an exciting and untapped market for promoting tourism in Ontario.

Strategic Challenge

Share information about Ontario tourism at South Asian and Chinese festivals in the GTA while obtaining a better understanding these markets.


The OTMPC needed a single medium that would allow them share information about Ontario tourism, conduct a market research survey, capture contact information with opt-ins and promote their mobile app.  To make things more interesting, this needed to be done in both English and Chinese.


Tapquire provided an interactive mobile kiosk app for the iPad that was built into an “iPad Cafe” at 8 major South Asian and Chinese festivals across the GTA.  The multi-purpose app started off with 4 big buttons that allowed consumers to browse the Ontario tourism website, download the Ontario Tourism mobile app, enter a contest and complete a market research survey. Highlights included:

  • Engaging, fun and easy to use market research survey
  • Real-time access to survey results, analytics and trends
  • Pin protected to avoid the use of other apps
  • Timeout to reset abandoned iPads
  • Multiple language support: Chinese and English
  • Random winner generation for contest entry
  • Opt-in for the OTMPC and partner Porter Airlines




We acquired over 7000 survey responses and contest entries across 8 events with more than 80% of consumers agreeing to opt in for more information about Ontario Tourism.  Feedback from respondents indicated that the iPad and user friendly interface were key factors in their motivation for completing the survey. In addition, the on-site ability to view the website and download the mobile app helped inform them about various offerings from Ontario Tourism, that they were originally unaware of.