Taco Bell Case Study – On-Site Customer Feedback



A Taco Bell, KFC and Pizza Hut franchisee with over 20 locations across Ontario was looking to better understand their customers and improve its overall business.

Strategic Challenge

TacoBellPaperObtain a large number of customer feedback survey responses in order to accurately understand  customer demographics and improvement opportunities for each restaurant.


Taco Bell was using paper surveys for customer feedback but were not receiving enough responses to make any reasonable conclusions about its business.  Aside from the severe lack of responses, major issues with paper surveys included:

  • Low motivation for customers to complete feedback survey
  • Loss of survey responses due to lost, stolen, damaged, incomplete or illegible surveys
  • Manual entry of survey responses for deriving analytics
  • No visibility into the number of completed surveys



Tapquire implemented an on-site customer feedback solution that replaced paper forms with a branded touchscreen kiosk on the pick-up counter. The kiosk consisted of a mobile tablet enclosed in a tamper proof case that was secured to the counter with a lock. Employees were made aware of the device but no formal training was required. Employees were simply asked to encourage customers to complete the survey while they waited for their food. Highlights included:

  • High customer participation and engagement
  • Extremely fast and intuitive completion of survey
  • Simple plug and play installation that required no tools and took just minutes
  • No negative impact to operations
  • Real-time access to survey responses, analytics and trends




In just one week, two restaurants acquired over 700 survey responses and had over 9000 questions answered.  This was a whopping 42 times more than what was previously achieved with paper surveys and represented almost 20% of the customers visiting the restaurants. The survey responses collected allowed us to derive meaningful conclusions about restaurant location, areas for improvement, customer preferences, customer patterns, demographics and much much more!