Why Tapquire

We believe it is extremely essential to enrich your customer’s experience when you enter them into a contest, get their feedback or ask them questions which is why we so greatly emphasize the design and flow of an intercept.  When the interaction is done, we want customers to associate your brand with cutting edge technology and an overall experience that was pleasant, positive and painless. We also want to make this entire process extremely effortless, reliable and efficient for you.

We do this by providing a combination of unrivaled software, leading edge hardware, high performing staff and professional expertise.

Unrivaled Software

We have been building world class software for mobile tablets since the release of the iPad in 2010.  Some highlights of our technology include:

  • No dependency on Internet
  • Ability to make changes remotely
  • Real-time access to data and analytics
  • Highly secured data
  • Support for over 100 different languages
  • Custom keyboards, shortcuts and intelligent field validation
  • Automatically send a personlized email to consumers by segment
  • Match consumers to nearest retail location with postal code matching
  • Pre-populate address data by using a postal code lookup
  • Integrate with existing systems
  • Provide custom reporting


Leading Edge Hardware

We have a fleet of mobile tablets that we rent for our programs.  These tablets all have 10 inch touch screens, 6 to 8 hours of battery life and Internet connectivity.  You don’t need any additional computers, networks or infrastructure, just our tablets.  Our hardware options include:

  • iPad or Android tablets with charger and data
  • Handheld cases
  • Table-top stands
  • Wall mounts
  • Free standing kiosks
  • Branding


High Performing Staff

Our enthusiastic and highly motivated brand ambassadors enhance your brand’s relationship with the consumer by ensuring that hospitality takes the front seat. They’re equipped with intercept and technology training to help exceed your acquisition targets.

Professional Expertise

We have been working directly with clients of all shapes and sizes to provide tailored solutions that meet specific business objectives. Through the successful delivery of numerous engagements, we have developed a strong expertise in building intercept strategies and execution plans.  We work with you from the inception, through the execution and to the conclusion, helping you ask the right questions in the most effective manner because asking the right questions is critical for success.